generated digital abstract

During my experimentation with the machine learning software RunwayML and I tried to use processes from painting techniques to further develop them with the help of artificial intelligent systems.
The results are the series „digital abstract“, the series „generated abstract“ and the series „digital cave“.

also the series digitized stream was created. This series is based on ancient asian paintings. Inspired especially by ukiyo-e style paintings, i have designed images that transform the traditional technique into a digital abstract look. For this I archived a large number of woodblock prints and trained a machine learning software to create new images in this traditional style. I processed the results digitally. In my work, I am concerned with the changes brought about by digitalization processes. Especially the storytelling in images is an exciting adaptation for this constantly changing form of reality. As we move our lives more and more into digital structures, the form of these narratives change. They are images from the future, fed from the past and we can only guess to recognize something.

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