art collective open_cypher founded

we as „open_cypher“ have founded a virtual project space called „open_cypher court“ on the platform Cryptovoxels. It is based on the so-called Ethereum blockchain technology and is one of the centers for the global cryptoart scene due to its low-barrier access (user owned, free of charge and browser-based). On this platform, you can create dense environments that can be designed and experienced through numerous interfaces at a high technical level, for example, to VR technology. The impression of an urban space makes the strip through the virtual content very intuitive and interactive. The coupling to the transaction system of the currency Etherum generates new potentials for the development of an art market of the future. Both sales and auctions of posted works that serve as storage for the blockchain currency are possible here.

We have already acquired a digital plot of land in the Cryptovoxels environment and built a kind of house on it. We now want to fill this place with life and turn it into a digital project space for new media art that is unique in Germany so far.

The main founders are Janis Weidner – artist name Janne and Nikos Probst – artist name der_probst. Come visit us @1 Alte Brauerei, near Berlin(740W,680S,)

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